Az Dynamic Sports believes that community doesn't stop on the field. Our non-profit is dedicated to helping the families of our players as well as our community.

AZ Dynamic Sports Foundation is a nonprofit 501c-3 sister company to AZ Dynamic Sports. The foundation’s goal is to bring equipment and scholarships to kids in need through your donations.


Past donations have paid for pop-up shades and registration fees for kids in need through a referral process. We have relationships with the state and have multiple kids playing on a scholarship or discounted rates from foster care or under state care.


We are reaching out to see if you would be interested in donating to offset costs for kids to have quality equipment or pay for their registration fees.  In doing so you will receive a tax exemption form from us for 2021 taxes.


If you are a business owner, we would love to talk about the possibility of placing your business on our website or our kids practice jerseys.


We are open to your having complete control over where your money is spent otherwise, we will make sure it reaches kids in need.


Please let us know what your intentions are and what you are thinking is the best course of donation for you.


Thank you for considering donating to this worthy cause. I was lucky enough to play sports throughout my entire youth and it is my goal to be able to share that with others. Sports taught me life lessons that every person needs. Let’s make it possible for everyone!


-AZ Dynamic Sports Foundation


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