About AZ Dynamic Sports

Like most sports enthusiasts some of our favorite moments growing up were playing sports. We learned teamwork respect and hard work in a competitive atmosphere. We grew bonds with family and friends that will never be broken.

We  differentiate ourselves in many ways for example by ensuring that all volunteer coaches have the proper training and equipment to ensure growth in your player. The officials we use are all employed by us so we can review, train, and make everyone's experience better. As well we strive to find the best partners that can add to our league.

AZ Dynamic Sports was created in 2018 in hopes that your athletes will have a great experience, make life long friends, and learn to compete at their highest level. We have partnered with USA Football and NFL flag to bring you a league that takes youth development and parent partnership seriously. We offer great NFL team branded jerseys, stats tracking, flag football certified coaches, and a competitive environment where accolades are earned. We guarantee a positive atmosphere where the growth of your athlete is our number one focus.